Classification of unpowered roller conveyor lines

2021-09-18 03:50:40 833

The unpowered roller conveyor relies on external force (also known as "external force roller table") or gravity (also known as "gravity roller table") to transport goods, so that the goods can be transported according to the roller table to complete the transportation task.

Unpowered roller conveyor, especially gravity roller conveyor, is widely used because of its simple structure, stability and reliability, durability, flexible installation, low price and no power consumption. It is widely used in FIFO three-dimensional library.

Classification of unpowered roller conveyors:

It is divided into: horizontal linear conveyor, inclined linear conveyor, bending conveyor and telescopic conveyor;

According to roller materials, it is divided into carbon steel roller conveyor, stainless steel roller conveyor, plastic roller conveyor, carbon steel gluing roller conveyor, etc.

According to the drum length, it is divided into: long drum conveyor, short drum conveyor and drum conveyor