Precautions for selection of tightening machine

2021-09-18 04:02:41 808

Nowadays, the application of electrical and mechanical equipment has gradually replaced manual operation. Tightening machine is such a kind of equipment. Its use greatly improves the work efficiency. So what should we pay attention to when choosing the tightening machine? I'd like to introduce the precautions for the selection of tightening machine.

1. Choose cost-effective equipment. When choosing the tightening machine, we should pay attention to its cost performance. There are many brands and types of tightening machines in the market, but it is not easy to choose high-quality equipment. Therefore, we should take into account performance and price, and maintain performance and price. Balance. In the case of the same performance, we must choose the one with low price, which can be regarded as the tightening machine with high cost performance

2. Select the tightening machine with high degree of automation. The tightening machine is a device for tightening screws. It has the same function as the traditional wrench, but their usage and mechanical principle are completely different. Compared with them, the work efficiency of the tightening machine is higher, because it can lock multiple screws at the same time, replacing multiple manual operations and saving manpower. Therefore, the tightening machine with high degree of automation is a good equipment.

3. Select a wide range of applications. Now the technology of tightening machine has been updated for several generations, and great changes have taken place in both appearance and application scope. In order to adapt to the development of the market, some tightening machines with relatively low application range can not meet the requirements. It is required. Therefore, everyone should choose a tightening machine with a wide range of applications, such as triangular, cross or Torx screws.