Introduction to press

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Mechanical principle

The press is driven by the motor through the transmission mechanism to open the working mechanism and apply processing force to the workpiece. The transmission mechanism is a reduction mechanism driven by belt and gear; The working mechanism is divided into screw mechanism, crank connecting rod mechanism and hydraulic cylinder.

Press is divided into screw press, crank press and hydraulic press. Crank press is also called mechanical press.

The screw press has no fixed bottom dead center. For large die forgings, it can be hit and formed for many times, and can stop single play, continuous play and inching. The striking force is related to the deformation of the workpiece. When the deformation is large, the striking force is small, and when the deformation is small (such as cold blow), the striking force is large. In these respects, it is similar to a forging hammer. However, its striking force is blocked by the frame, so it works stably, the vibration is much smaller than that of the forging hammer, and there is no need for a large foundation.

The lower part of the press is equipped with a forging ejection device. Screw press has the function of die forging hammer, mechanical press and other forging machinery. It has strong flexibility and can be used in die forging, blanking, deep drawing and other processes. In addition, the screw press has simple structure and easy manufacture, so it is widely used.

Mechanical classification

Pneumatic press

Pneumatic press is a press composed of gas-liquid booster cylinder + worktable + control logic valve! Use pneumatic and hydraulic to stop output! 3kg - 7kg gas source can reach 1 ton to 100 tons of high-pressure output!

Product features:

1. With compressed air as the power source, the operation is simple.

2. Without the noise generated by the standby oil pressure system, the power consumption can be saved and the consumption cost can be reduced.

3. The principle of air oil pressurization is applied to meet the requirements of fast power speed and high output.

4. It is simple to adjust the output. The required output can be reached only by adjusting the pneumatic pressure.

5. The machine has stable structure, easy operation, convenient loading and unloading, which is in line with work efficiency.

6. Multi purpose, suitable for pressing, punching, riveting, assembly, cutting, etc.

7. Safe design, warm operation, humanized consideration, suitable for long-term operation.

8. The four column door type open space design can accept the customization of special specifications.

9. Optional workbench: width 650 * depth 550 * height 700 (mm)

Screw press

Screw press is a forging machine which uses screw and nut as the transmission mechanism and transforms the forward and reverse rotary motion of flywheel into the up and down reciprocating motion of slider by screw transmission. During operation, the motor accelerates the rotation of the flywheel to save energy, and the sliding block moves downward through the screw and nut. When the slider contacts the workpiece, the flywheel is forced to decelerate to a complete stop, and the stored rotational kinetic energy is transformed into impact energy, which strikes the workpiece through the slider and deforms it. After the strike, the motor reverses the flywheel to drive the slider to rise and return to the original position. The specification of screw press is expressed by nominal working force.

Crank press

Crank press is a common cold stamping equipment, which is used as the working platform of cold stamping die. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and convenient use. According to the different structure of the bed, the crank press can be divided into open crank press or closed crank press; According to the number of driving connecting rods, it can be divided into single point press or multi-point press; According to the number of sliding blocks, it can be divided into single action press or double action press.

Multi station press

Multi station press is an advanced press equipment and the integration of multiple presses. It is generally composed of thread head unit, feeding mechanism, press and thread tail. The fast beat can reach more than 40 times / min, which can meet the high-speed automation